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It has come up recently that some kitchen appliances and tools have had paint on them that once tested showed obvious lead contamination. I responded to that query by posing my own..... "What do you think that the current black or white painted imported pieces of furniture might have on them?" You see there is currently no regulation or testing that makes it illegal to import almost any item that has leaded paints. Steps to outlaw the use in consumer based paint here in the US began in 1978 with the automotive industry eliminating their use by 1994. Even to this day leaded paints are used on most industrial situations like bridges and overpassess. Our problem with this imported furniture still having lead is the proximity to us as we eat, drink, and be merry in our own homes. Testing done in our shop on pieces of imported woods and metals with simple lead swipe kits showed that almost 80% of the surfaces to have lead. Hmmmmm.... makes refinishing/restoring what you have look like a better idea, right?

Remember, our Furniture Physicians whites, blacks, and even clears are federally mandated as lead free.

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